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Good eats in New Orleans - Bon Moment

Bon Moment offers food tours in the well-known and loved city of New Orleans. Owner Michelle Mashon was born and raised in this culturally rich and culinary expressive city. Her tours are personal and her goal is to connect you with the city in an entirely new way. Nothing beats a tour with a local. 

Other than your tour, which is the best! What are four things to do in your community?

  1. Find a neighborhood bar outside the French Quarter and day drink with the locals 
  2. Visit Crescent Park or The Fly at Audubon Park & watch the Mississippi River go by at sunset
  3. Walk the boardwalk trail through the swamp at The Barataria Preserve
  4. Play around and jam out (or see a show) at Music Box Village, followed by outdoor drinks at Bacchanal Wine Bar or Parelaux Beer Lab
  5. Grab something special to remind you of New Orleans and support the small local shops and artists of Magazine St.

How has COVID affected your business and community?

Tourism is a huge industry in New Orleans- everything from dining to conventions to transportation relies on tourism for a large part of their revenue. 

What will you be doing differently with your tours as you “reopen?”

I’m currently giving small group and private tours- so far only couples have booked since April. We follow local mandates and mask up during the tour and in restaurants. We wash hands upon arrival at each location and sanitize hands after we leave. 

Share one thing you’d like guests to know about you or your business.

I was born and raised in New Orleans and bring a unique perspective and passion for our culture and history to my tours. I am the business owner and only guide. I cater my tours to ensure a very local experience outside the French Quarter and don’t follow a script, but rather, my tours are an immersive, relaxed experience, akin to going out on the town with a good friend. All the food and drinks are included in my ticket price, including 20% tip for every server. Guests can sit back and enjoy the tour and leave well-fed. I’ve always hosted intimate tours and I think small groups and private tours are the best experiences and offer the most value. 

Bon Moment - French Quarter

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About Our “Meet the Tours” Stories

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