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FAQ for Tour Operators


What’s in it for me?

We know your pain. We’re tour operators, too! This online destination allows you to do what you do best, and allows us to help you do that.

This is not a consumer review platform. It’s a marketing engine to share your experiences with consumers. Our goal is to help you sell tickets.

Oh yeah, and we’re going to pay you to be a part of this.

Wait, you’re paying me? How does that work?

We are taking a portion of all sales generated on the platform and sharing it with you, our fellow operators listed on GTC.

The 20% commission tour operators agree to is standard practice and normal for our industry. For their tech and marketing support, FareHarbor receives 5% of that commission. The remainder goes to GTC to promote the marketplace and build a company so that we have a strong and united voice in the tourism industry.

We are taking one-third of our portion to pay an equal share back to each tour operator listed on the site through a Bonus Pool program. We are essentially giving you part of our personal income.

Shareable commission from sales/ number of tour operators* = $ to each operator

*Number of tour operators on GTC will be counted at the end of each month and will receive cumulative dividends disbursed twice a year, on June 30th and December 31st.

What if I am a seasonal business? Do I still qualify for dividends?

Absolutely! The cumulative dividend is determined by total sales generated on the platform. That means even when it’s your off season, you are earning dividends all year just by being a part of GTC.

What is the FareHarbor connection?

GTC and FareHarbor have partnered to create the first-ever tour operator driven micro-OTA. Phase One of the partnership enables FareHarbor clients who are on their Distribution Network to join GTC. If it’s on your FareHarbor dashboard, it’s on GTC.

Is there a mountain of forms? I don’t have time for that.

We hear you. We don’t either. There are no lengthy forms and contracts or the need to spend hours updating tour information for all operators listed with GTC.

Once you tell us you’re interested by filling out our Interest Form and you are eligible to join us, we’ll be sending you our pretty straight-forward Agreeable Agreement.

Do I have to be on FareHarbor?

We are currently onboarding US-based FareHarbor food tour operators first. If you are not a FareHarbor food tour client, don’t worry! Your turn is coming. If you would like to be part of GTC, please fill out the interest form. You will be first to know when the platform is ready for you.

Is this a sales pitch for FareHarbor?

Absolutely not! While both Midgi and Lauren are current FareHarbor clients, we want this to be for everyone. Call us naive, but we believe that if we work collectively we can compete against the traditional OTAs, and grow our industry together.

What makes GTC different?

We are part of your community and we know your frustrations. Frankly, we created this opportunity because we are tour operators, just like you.

What can I do to help us all win?

Get the word out! Share GTC with your guests, friends, family – ANYONE who enjoys traveling and experiences! Tell them to book on Global Tours Connect! Your referral means sales for all.

Does this mean I’m promoting my competitors?

We would encourage anyone with this concern to look at GTC as promoting our entire industry. Yes, it is possible that your main competitor may be on the platform. However, this is an opportunity for you and other tour companies to promote one another and to earn passive income from all bookings made through GTC. For example, if I have a guest on my tour in New York who is from Georgia and I didn’t personally know you or your tour company to send them directly, I can tell them to go to GTC and book a tour back home in Atlanta. This is another way of getting your tours out there and earning money for participating.

Use hashtags #ExploreTours and #GoTasteTheWorld