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Sarah Morgan and Allyson Richert own  Sugartooth Tours in New York City. Sarah and Allyson blended their love of all things sweet and history to create Sugartooth Tours in 2012. 

Get to Know Sugartooth Tours in New York City

Other than your tour, which is the best! What are four things to do you in your community?

  1. Governors Island in NY
  2. Picnic in Central Park
  3. Museum of the City of New York
  4. Sunset Sail with Cocktails

How has COVID19 affected your tour business and community?

Unfortunately, in New York City tours are still shut down. Tours are not expected to resume until we get to phase four, and we are only in phase 2 at the moment. Even though we aren’t able to run our tours live, we are creating virtual on-demand tours, as well as free New York City guides and DIY self-guided tours. Our goal has been to get off the beaten path and showcase some of the best bakeries in NYC where locals like to go, and that hasn’t changed. But the way we do that right now looks different.

What will you be doing differently with your New York City tours as you reopen?

When we are able to reopen we will be offering private tours only to start. This is a great bonus for our customers, who will experience a private tour with no group minimums or additional fees. Typically we only offer tours Friday-Sunday, but now guests will be able to pick any date and time they choose, so long as a guide is available.

Share one thing you’d like guests to know about your tour business.

Sugartooth Tours was started by two actresses turned entrepreneurs. We used to tour the country with Broadway shows, and now we create memorable dessert food tours in New York City! Most of the bakeries we feature on our tours feature surprising stories (like ours), and we aim to share the stories behind these yummy bakeries, connecting food artisans with consumers.

Storefront image of Poseidon Bakery in New York City

Allyson and Sarah haven’t let COVID19 get the better of them. Their acting background helps them think fast and move quickly to adapt to their changing environment. Learn more about the sweet side of NYC and Sugartooth virtual tours.

About Our “Meet the Tours” Stories

A food tour is more than eating your way through a town. It’s about connections and coming together in a common bond. We at Global Tours Connect are passionate about growing the connections between you, our guests and the ones who deliver the experiences. 

That’s why we are sharing the stories of the people who own the companies listed on Global Tours Connect. When you purchase a ticket through us, you are on your way to making a new friend. We invite you to visit often to read more stories about the amazing entrepreneurs of Global Tours Connect.