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Tour Operators, let us tell your story

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Our mission: To unite the tour industry

Our industry is more than the connections between each of us. It’s also how we connect with future guests. Our marketing plan includes strong SEO, and part of that is telling your story.  We want guests to know you and your community.

That being said, we want to know more about you, your tours and the communities through which you guide guests. This will assist us in preparing blogs to connect guests with your tours.

Tour Operator Info Questionnaire

Questions to think about:

  1. What is your best current tour option? (Please note if your tours are private only, virtual, etc.)
  2. What are the top FOUR things to do in your community (in addition to your tour)? Number them in order with #1 being the best in your opinion.
  3. How has COVID affected your business and community?
  4. What will you be doing differently with your tours as you “reopen?’
  5. What’s one thing you’d like guests to know about you or your business?

In addition, gather up some photos of your tour, your town and your guests. (Please make sure you have permission.)

We look forward to sharing your story with the world.