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Explore Tours Around the World

It all started with a podcast. Great things often start with something simple. In spring 2020, Midgi Moore and Lauren McCabe Herpich were interviewed on Tourpreneur, the well-known and respected podcast for tour operators. Sabine Whitney from FareHarbor heard the interview and reached out to Midgi and Lauren with a germ of an idea. What if … what if there was a micro-OTA that was designed to meet the needs of tour operators?

Lauren and Midgi eagerly responded to the opportunity to create an option for tour operators that was open, easy to use, and would encourage consumers to book. Through numerous Google and Zoom meetings, countless emails and phone calls, Global Tours Connect was created. 

This first-ever industry created platform is designed By Tour Operators For Tour Operators.  Midgi and Lauren are tour operators just like you. As owners of Local Food Adventures and Juneau Food Tours respectively, they understand the ebb and flow of growing a tour business and the frustrations of working with larger online ticketing agencies.

Through the FareHarbor Distribution Network, tour operators need only provide a few bits of information and viola’! Their companies will be listed on the Global Tours Connect platform. 

Uniting the Tourism Industry

If anything became clear during this time of pandemic and global changes, it’s that the tour and activities industry must adapt. Travelers’ needs and desires have shifted from budgets to safety. The idea of being with groups with strangers may be concerning. Local experiences are increasingly more appealing. Most of all, community brings assurance.

Global Tours Connect offers travelers a unique marketplace to choose experiences both near and far. Working with tour operators like you to help tell your story and to help grow your company. We want you to succeed. We want to help your voice have a wider reach by working together. 

A New Type of Ticket Reseller

We want to give back. We’ve all felt the loss of business, worry for friends and colleagues, and the pains of the unknown. This is why we developed our Commission Bonus Pool which enables all tour operators on the platform to share in the success of one another. There is never an off season for earnings. Tour operators will benefit from the sales of all tours in this marketplace. Midgi and Lauren are taking their own personal earnings and sharing that back to all tour operators. The goal is to regrow the industry and support friends and colleagues, as we all navigate these waters. 

Join us and give us the opportunity to help our industry and your business succeed. Together, we can help guests discover the world one tour at a time.

– Lauren & Midgi