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Operating in the New Normal

It’s no secret that operating tours during a pandemic is a challenge.  Type of tour, location, and state/regional mandates determine how and when tours can operate. This is especially true for culinary tourism.

In a recent roundtable we gathered to share what operating in the “new normal” looks like. The consensus is we are in uncharted territory and there are still a whole lot of unknowns. Being the optimists that we are, want to share some of the things tour operators shared during our conversation

Five takeaways about tours during COVID-19

  1. People are searching for things to do.
    Anecdotal data is telling us that people are still wanting to experience new things, go places, and explore. Keep an eye on your Google Analytics. Where are the visitors to your website coming from? What time are they searching? How long are they staying on your site? This info can help you determine where to spend any online ad buys.
  2. Think private.
    It was encouraging and exciting to learn that many of the participants in the roundtable, also participated in the Private Tours webinar. They shared they had launched their own versions of private tours and are working with their res tech (i.e., FareHarbor, Peak) to set up booking private tours online.
  3. Being upfront about COVID 19 mitigation plans.
    Post your COVID 19 mitigation plans on your home page. Have it stand out. Some are using infographics link Taste of Troy Food Tours in Upstate New York:COVID0-19 health and safety infographic from Taste of Troy Food Tours
  4. #maskon
    Masks are most definitely a part of the new normal. Determining when/where you, your guides, or guests should wear masks vary according to each operator. Be comfortable using the hashtag. It’s trending and being a part of the safety-first conversation ensures comfort and security for your guests.
  5. Get comfortable redefining your business.
    Private Tours, virtual tours, and food tours in a box are just the beginning. Look at walking tours with a picnic or meal at the end. Take out containers with nibbles and treats. Be creative, look at new partners, be open to creating new experiences that will engage your community.

More About GTC Roundtables

Global Tours Connect Roundtables are designed to foster ideas, share thoughts, concerns, and solutions. We keep the size limited to ensure everyone can participate. Check our website for upcoming roundtables and join us in creating our industry’s new normal.

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